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The Yacht Racing Podcast: Week 3 Vendee Globe Special with Conrad Colman

Vendee Globe

On this latest Vendee Globe special episode of The Yacht Racing Podcast our co-hosts British sailing journalist Justin Chisholm and ocean racing expert/past Vendee Globe competitor Conrad Colman analyse the excitement and drama of the solo fleet’s third week out on the Atlantic, including:

  • How leader Charlie Dalin managed to wriggle his way through the frustratingly light winds of the Saint Helena high pressure system and into the stronger winds of the Southern Ocean
  • Alex Thomson’s damage discovery and his remarkable one-man repair programme that has kept him in the race – albeit hundreds of miles behind the leader
  • How the damage to the port foil on second-placed Thomas Ruyant’s LinkedOut may impact his chances of a podium result
  • Justin quizzes Conrad on exactly what it is like to race solo through the Southern Ocean
  • The pair’s excitement over the Jules Verne Trophy Ultim teams Gitana and Sodebo  setting off on their quest to complete a lap of the world in under 40 days

All this and much more besides….

To ask Justin and Conrad a question about the Vendee Globe you can email them at or contact us on Twitter via @yachtracinglife

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