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(Don’t) treat me with care

No longer does the use of bio-resins and fibre in composite manufacturing mean increased production costs because of the need for much more delicate material

Why wait?

Even if you are using a hybrid mix of new and existing hardware there is no longer any reason why your data should not be

On the money

HH Catamarans

Big, fast, ocean-capable cats are where it’s at right now and the ever-expanding Hudson Yacht Group range is right at the front of the action.

All in a day’s work


Every time Reckmann supplies a new superyacht sailing system they surprise us by going one step further. With the Judel/Vrolijk 146-footer Path and 196-foot Sarissa

Back in action…

Like the sun coming out after a storm, competitive sailing has resumed in the Caribbean. It might not be readily apparent, especially for those not

Outrider no more

It took no time at all for the spectacular Drheam Cup – a multi-course event for the world’s very fastest yachts – to make a