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Fast clothing – why not?

Assemble a group of top international sailors for their ideas. Add one of the most famous names in the development of technical clothing for his

Not all sails are created equal

North Sails

IN ASSOCIATION WITH NORTH SAILS North 3Di is an indispensable building block of championship projects. In this article JB Braun and the North Sails senior designers

North Sails: View from the top

North Sails

North Sails’ director of design and engineering JB Braun explains an innovative engineering solution that brings top-down furling to Load Sharing Sails. ‘Continually pushing the leading

North Sails: Torque talk…

North Sails: Torque talk

There are few areas of raceboat technology harder to keep secret than the latest sail designs and engineering solutions. One of the hottest and most