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Vanishing act…


It’s not just the widespread introduction of hydraulically powered winches that led to the sweeping clean of once cluttered big boat deck layouts – it’s also down to the elegant systems which they are a part of. If a casual observer walking the dock were to see a new IRC maxi

Harken: Reflex Reaction

Harken has been quick to respond to the growth of cable-less headsails to ensure the gains extend beyond better sail designs. The ability to furl sails has been something we’ve taken for granted for at least 40 years. In fact, the influence of furling has been so widespread that it’s easy

Harken captive winch technology trickles down

Harken captive winches

Once the exclusive preserve of the mega yachts, the benefits of captive winch technology are now becoming much more widely available. Out of sight and out of mind perhaps, but a new generation of captive reel winches is evidence of a hidden revolution below decks. Market leaders Harken have raised the

Harken: Trickle up

Harken: Trickle up

One thing that distinguishes the foiling generation from the rest is the flow of technical development often goes in the opposite direction from usual. Harken has been quick to embrace that.   The Harken process of developing new products usually follows a similar path: identify a market need, design, refine and engineer

Hydraulics engineered for high performance

Hydraulics engineered for high performance

Whether in the Ultim, TP52 or America’s Cup classes, next-generation Harken hydraulics are at the very leading edge of efficiency and reliability. The upcoming 40th anniversary Route du Rhum – Destination Guadeloupe will be an amazing race to follow. Included in the record-size fleet of 122 craft will be the Ultime