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Starting at the top…


Holding up a superyacht mast or getting the power from the engine to the wheels on a 950hp race car are a relative walk in the park when your first project was creating carbon cables for a 124-metre suspension bridge. Many of the key innovations that advance the sport of sailing

Multiple challenges


When Baltic Yachts set out to build the world’s first DSS-foiling superyacht for a visionary client, it was a journey into the unknown. DSS had never been used on a yacht of anywhere near this size, or power. With a host of complex engineering challenges to overcome, the owner’s project manager

Carbo–Link: Perfect match


Upgrading the world’s fastest superyachts with the latest and lightest grand prix carbon rigging is no place to be discussing tolerances. Rigging a large, high-performance yacht is always going to be a major undertaking. It’s a complex engineering challenge with millimetre tolerances in cables measuring more than 50 metres in length

Carbo-Link: Elliptical profile carbon rigging


Reduce drag, eliminate flutter, strength in the right places, Carbo-Link have been taking advantage of the benefits of elliptical profiles in their carbon rigging for over 10 years. There’s been a notable increase in the number of racing yachts and superyachts upgrading their rigging to Carbo-Link’s elliptical profiled solid carbon cables.

Carbo-Link: Demystifying solid carbon rigging

Carbo-Link: Demystifying solid carbon rigging

Not long ago, solid carbon rigging was only seen on the edgiest of grand prix racers. Now, since Carbo-Link has helped transform the sector, this most advanced of racing products is used on many large high-end superyachts. The performance-enhancing benefits of Carbo-Link’s solid carbon rigging are becoming more widely known, with

Keep moving


Swiss-based Carbo-Link has long been one of the quiet giants of high performance sailing… It is only now, many years after they rigged their first America’s Cup winner for Alinghi that word is getting out at last. What do Ariane’s space rockets, Porsche’s racing cars, Liebherr’s largest industrial cranes and some