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Ino-Rope: Veni, vidi…


When a young Brittany company claims a Vendée Globe victory within three years of being formed... well that is actually something to make a fuss about. ‘For Us, By Us’ could easily have been the tagline that Julien Barnet – a professional sailor and rigger – and Thibault Reinhart – pro

Plenty of bang (and knots) for your buck

We do not need to be sold on the abilities and advantages of the well-designed and built pocket performance trimaran – and this one will even leave you with enough change for lunch. Founded in 2015, Libertist Yachts based in Poland has been making a big impression in the multihull world

Hall Spars – a tidy solution

When looking around a modern performance yacht for some nice aesthetic details the furling boom is not usually the natural place to start – not any more however. Furling booms are not new to cruising, but modern performance cruisers can challenge even the cleverest spar designer. They demand not just ease

Beastie Boy

Dehler’s return to its glory days of high-performance racers could not be more appropriately celebrated than with this dramatic new 30-footer from the design boards of Judel-Vrolijk. It’s been a fair old while since Dehler Yachts launched its last racer-cruiser, as opposed to the cruiser-racers that have come to define the

Rapido Trimarans – On the march

In a multihull marketplace previously dominated by two-hull offerings a lot of careful thought and informed-development is ensuring that the trimaran configuration is finally getting more of the recognition that it deserves. Rapido Trimarans, is the brainchild of directors Paul Koch and James Sganzerla, who ran the highly regarded and successful

Quantum Sails: A test laboratory to die for

Quantum Sails

The ClubSwan 36 is the latest design to benefit from Quantum Sails' refined, sophisticated sailmaking process that distils a ton of complexity down to an end product that is fast, durable – and surprisingly easy to use. What do you expect from a new set of sails? While top quality and

Oyster Yachts: Fresh start, long heritage

Oyster Yachts

Under its new ownership a famous British yacht builder is taking a step up in the world. It’s not often that rules and regulations lead to more freedom and choice. Yet sometimes, technical changes behind the scenes can trigger an effect that goes further than expected. Such has been the case

Quality (always) sells

Twenty-six large luxury yachts is a fine enough launch tally, but designer Philippe Briand’s CNB 76-footers are still rolling out the shipyard. How do you improve a yacht that’s been a runaway success and is well on its way to becoming a modern classic? At CNB Yacht Builders, the luxury arm