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Annalisa: Performance analysis for everyone


The Annalisa team started with a plan to develop a real-time sailing performance system for a broad church of sailors, rather than just a handful of the most professional users. We are living in a complex digital world, with information coming at us fast all the time, both on and off

Carbo-Link: Elliptical profile carbon rigging


Reduce drag, eliminate flutter, strength in the right places, Carbo-Link have been taking advantage of the benefits of elliptical profiles in their carbon rigging for over 10 years. There’s been a notable increase in the number of racing yachts and superyachts upgrading their rigging to Carbo-Link’s elliptical profiled solid carbon cables.

Cape Horn Engineering: Paging Doctor Speed

Cape Horn Engineering

CFD (computational fluid dynamics) has come a very long way since those days of pretty pictures used to illuminate design articles. Everyone uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in yacht design these days but you get what you pay for. Working with the best CFD experts in the industry can deliver a

Spinlock Sail-Sense: A Fitbit for your racing sails

Spinlock Sail-Sense

They say the stopwatch never lies and now Spinlock have produced something equally infallible to monitor the real state of your sail wardrobe. The ability to collect data and produce detailed analytical reports used to be for the experts, yet today quantifying every part of our lives and drawing meaningful conclusions

Skin deep: Sun protection for racing sailors

Harken Derm

Readers will by now be familiar with the growing number of images we publish that include instances of some of the world’s best-known racing sailors competing while wrapped up like desert nomads. There is good reason for that of course; even so, the full extent of the active racer’s risk

Full house?

Sevenstar Yacht Transport

....very rarely it turns out – given the capacity of Sevenstar’s fleet to ship even the very largest yachts to the world's premier regattas. The allure of bucket list races and regattas around the world and the strong interest in participation has prompted a revolution in yacht transport. ‘It’s quite amazing