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Carbo–Link: Perfect match


Upgrading the world’s fastest superyachts with the latest and lightest grand prix carbon rigging is no place to be discussing tolerances. Rigging a large, high-performance yacht is always going to be a major undertaking. It’s a complex engineering challenge with millimetre tolerances in cables measuring more than 50 metres in length

Doyle Sails fields an impressive line-up at key UK loft

Doyle Sails

Volvo Ocean Race winner and Doyle Sails CEO Mike Sanderson did not mess about when he went looking for the biggest talent he could find to drive forward Doyle’s fast-expanding European operation Things were already changing at Doyle Sails before the company’s new CEO stepped aboard. But when Mike Sanderson took

A magnificent tradition of fine engineering

Reckmann is well known for its sailfurling technology and engineering – the bomb-proof headsail furlers that made its reputation and similarly highspec mainsail reefing systems, seen on many of the world’s finest yachts. What’s less well known is that Reckmann has equally impressive record in rigging hydraulics, with a versatile

Musto: Marginal gains


The concept of “marginal gains’ has been well explored and explained in recent years, especially in relation to the success of the British Cycling Team both on the Olympic velodrome and in the Tour de France with the success of Team Sky. However, as Musto’s head of marketing Nick Houchin

North sails: (Using) the right tools for the job

North Sails

After three decades of development and investment, the North Design Suite is able to produce reliably fast sails, that keep their shape, leading the way in modern sailmaking tools. The legendary figures in the history of sailmaking made their reputations by having a keen eye for recognising what they knew from

Future Fibres: Size matters…

Future Fibres

… at least it does when you are in the business of manufacturing and servicing hightech rigging for a large percentage of the of the world’s grand prix race boats and superyachts. That’s why, after facing increased demand year-on-year from new and existing clients, Future Fibres – a part of

Carbo-Link: Elliptical profile carbon rigging


Reduce drag, eliminate flutter, strength in the right places, Carbo-Link have been taking advantage of the benefits of elliptical profiles in their carbon rigging for over 10 years. There’s been a notable increase in the number of racing yachts and superyachts upgrading their rigging to Carbo-Link’s elliptical profiled solid carbon cables.