52 Super Series: Windy start…

52 Super Series

52 Super Series communications ninja Andi Robertson updates on the goings on across the international fleet over the winter break prior to the season-opening regatta in Cape Town, South Africa. The requirement to ship to Cape Town, South Africa mid-January meant the ‘off-season’ for the 52 Super Series shore crews was

Future Fibres: Don’t shake it all about

Doyle Sails

The theory of vortex shedding is well known to golfers with their little dimples (the balls, that is!) It was also toyed with in the past by 12 Metre sparmakers – so why not extend the benefits to the rigging itself? The parentage of Future Fibres’ latest answer to high-tech composite

Elan Yachts partners with Studio F. A. Porsche on GT6

Elan Yachts

Elan’s new flagship is the first sailing yacht styled by Studio F. A. Porsche. Have you ever wondered what a sailing yacht designed by Studio F. A. Porsche might look like? The answer is revealed in the pictures below. The famous design studio founded by Professor Ferdinand Alexander Porsche – the

Superyacht Cup Palma: Taking the initiative…

Superyacht Cup Palma

Someone had to take the initiative and it is the Superyacht Cup in Palma that grasped the nettle with the introduction of a new dedicated Performance Class at its next edition in June 2020. The Superyacht Cup Palma has taken a lead in meeting the evolving nature of the superyacht community

Excess Catamarans – bringing back the fun

Good taste, first class naval architecture and excellent construction combined with the resources of Bénéteau – the world’s biggest boatbuilder: the results were always going to be hard to beat. Most cruising catamarans are stodgy to sail, but Bénéteau’s new Excess brand aims to bring back the fun. Excess cats are

Persistence required

There is a modern fibre that is less than easy to use but if you can eventually pull it off the results can be spectacular. ‘You wouldn’t use anything other than Dyneema for your halyards or sheets,’ says Banks Sails’ boss Paolo Semeraro. ‘So why accept anything less in your sails?’

Charleston Race Week: Just so darn good every single time

Charleston Race Week

Pinnacle regatta, marquee event, premier race series, you choose – but Sperry Charleston Race Week sort of crept up on the international racing scene and now it's impossible to overlook. When you put a boast out there, you’d better back it up. And that’s just what the people who are behind

Oyster Yachts: Reasons to go racing

No wonder the Oyster Palma Regatta is so often oversubscribed. A great learning experience, a brilliant party, a stepping stone to far horizons, an essential networking event and a whole lot more. Among the boats lined up along the dock outside the Real Club Náutico de Palma, not one had been

UBI Maior Italia: The cutting cutting edge

UBI Maior Italia

For the driven team of Italian engineers at UBI Maior Italia the Hugo Boss project now added dramatic compactness to a long list of performance criteria. Over several cycles of gruelling and competitive ocean races like the Vendée Globe, Route du Rhum, Transat Jacques Vabres and others, the Alex Thomson Racing team

Multiple challenges


When Baltic Yachts set out to build the world’s first DSS-foiling superyacht for a visionary client, it was a journey into the unknown. DSS had never been used on a yacht of anywhere near this size, or power. With a host of complex engineering challenges to overcome, the owner’s project manager