The Ocean Race: 11th Hour Racing Set it up and send it

The Ocean Race

This new video from 11th Hour Racing gives a pretty good indication of what life is like aboard a foiling IMOCA 60 sailing in five-up The Ocean Race crew configuration. As part of the team's preparations for the next edition of The Ocean Race, American skipper Charlie Enright led a crew of

11th Hour Racing: Going back to grassroots

11th Hour Racing’s pro-sailing ambassadors are partnering with a variety of marine conservation groups – and already with impressive results. ‘Think global, act local’ is the simple philosophy that underpins many effective campaigns. And it’s at the heart of one of 11th Hour Racing’s recent initiatives, which funds collaborative projects between

11th Hour Racing: Making headway…

11th Hour Racing

With the benefit of sophisticated external auditing 11th Hour Racing are now in a position to judge each of their multiple projects on their individual merit and tweak their support – and advice – accordingly. 11th Hour Racing is on a mission to empower the sailing communities and industry to take

Foiling SuMoth Challenge announces new 11th Hour Racing sponsorship

Foiling SuMoth Challenge 11th Hour Racing

Foiling Week announced today a new sponsorship with 11th Hour Racing to support and promote sustainable boat building practices through the Foiling SuMoth Challenge. This unique design competition challenges students to construct competitive Moth class compliant foilers while also considering the environmental, social, and economic impacts of the manufacturing process. Managed

Ocean Respect Racing in the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

Stacey Jackson had a vision of putting a team of professional female sailors together to compete in the 74th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, then using the biggest event in Australia’s sailing calendar as a platform to elevate the message of sustainability, raise awareness of the need to restore ocean

Running a sustainable sailing world championship

Running a sustainable world championship

When it comes to running a sustainable sailing world championship the 2018 Youth Sailing World Championships in Texas established a number of significant new sustainability benchmarks for the sport as a whole. You might not expect oil-rich Texas to blaze a trail in marine conservation but that’s what happened when Corpus