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Shirley Robertson Podcast: Nick Moloney – Parts 1 & 2

Shirley Robertson Podcast

Shirley Robertson kicks off the second series of her Sailing Podcast with an in depth chat with Australian offshore sailor Nick Moloney.

In another two part extravaganza, the pair spend this first episode discussing much about Moloney’s diverse sailing career which has seen him race in amongst other things the America’s Cup, the Whitbread Round the World Race, the Jules Verne Trophy and the Vendee Globe.

In Part 1 of this chat they kick things off with a discussion about Moloney’s recent trip to Antarctica, and how having sailed ‘down south’ in the Southern Ocean on multiple occasions, it was particularly rewarding to be able to stop and spend some time respecting the fragile environment of the southern continent.


Moloney grew up on Port Philip Bay near Melbourne, Australia, and spent much of his early life in the ocean, surfing and then sailing, but it wasn’t long before his tenacity saw him spread his wings and travel further afield in the search of adventure. Once in Sydney, meetings with Australian legends John Bertrand, Peter Gilmour and Iain Murray saw Moloney’s world of opportunity open up and a career in sailing became a viable option.

Moloney’s first foray into the the world of the America’s Cup was with Syd Fischer in 1992, but he was soon involved with several other Cup teams, including Paul Cayard’s “Il Moro di Venezia”. From there, childhood hero John Bertrand took Maloney to the Cup in the 1995 campaign oneAustralia, which saw them make the Louis Vuitton Challenger final.

Moloney’s impressive career then took a turn offshore, as he got the call from Dennis Connor, this time to sail the Whitbread Round the World Race in “Toshiba”. Moloney’s excitement at sailing the Whitbread is obvious, his passion for racing offshore was being honed during this iconic race, and this is clear to hear in his discussion with Robertson.

The pair wrap up the first episode with a chat about Moloney’s almost impulsive record windsurf across the Bass Straits, a twenty one hour marathon in 1998 that goes well to illustrate the tenacity and the drive of the man.

Robertson’s chat with Moloney continues in Part 2 as the stories go offshore, and Maloney tells of his successful Jules Verne Trophy attempt with French sailing legend Bruno Peyron onboard the then-groundbreaking catamaran ‘Orange’. From there, Moloney went solo, dodged death in the Mini Transat and took on the legendary Vendee Globe – his honesty and adept story telling make for a compelling listen.

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