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PlanetSail: Smashing the Atlantic

Yacht Racing Podcast

With six months to go before the infamous single handed Vendée Globe Race around the world the focus is drawing in on the IMOCA fleet, both for spectators and the solo sailors themselves. And as the clock counts down there were two very important transatlantic races starting with the Transat CIC.

Formerly the OSTAR, this is a race with a long and often brutal history. We take a look at what happened to the IMOCA fleet as they punched into some serious weather with expert commentary from IMOCA Champion Sam Goodchild on what we can deduce about the fleet and their machines from this race.

Last to enter, last to launch and with a young team with little America’s Cup experience you might think that the French Orient Express Racing Team are going to struggle to play on equal terms in the America’s Cup. But that’s not how they see things. In fact, they might have pulled off a master stroke. For PlanetSail, Matt Sheahan visits their base in Barcelona to talk to them directly.

Aso a look at the Farr X2 for an update on the lastest changes for this exciting pocket rocket.

Plus, plenty in Docktalk.