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Mirabaud Sailing Video Award 2020: Martin Keruzoré declared main winner

Mirabaud Sailing Video Award 2020

French producer Martin Keruzoré (Air Vide et Eau Productions) has won the Mirabaud Sailing Video Award 2020 special edition thanks to his magnificent video summarising the 70,000 nautical miles he covered around the world over the last three years as an onboard reporter.

Hervé Borde (Nefertiti) is awarded the Special Prize for their iconic video of the Vendée Globe 2016-17, filmed in the southern Oceans, while Artur Sikorski ( receives the Public Award.

Keruzoré was awarded the main prize after his video Vues du Large was selected by the six-person international jury, who voted based on three criteria: originality, quality of the production and general appreciation.

Keruzoré video summarised the 70,000 nautical miles he has sailed around the world onboard a rnge of boats including Figaro, Mini 650, Volvo Ocean Race and Ultim.


A world class onboard reporter, Keruzoré decided to recap his last three years in three minutes, and to pay tribute to the women and men who allowed him to film these images.

“Compiling this footage in three minutes was a complicated exercise that took me a long time, but I wanted to show another vision of offshore racing,” said Keruzoré, who has logged more than 200 days at sea as an onboard reporter.

“I took advantage of the quarantine this spring to edit this video. The rules of this special edition of the competition, which are not limited to images from the current year, allowed me to submit this video. It’s a great reward to win this contest! The Mirabaud Sailing Video Award is the Festival de Cannes of the sailing industry. The members of the Jury voted according to three precise criteria, you must gather a lot of skills to win it.”

Keruzoré receives a prize money thanks to the support of competition partner Mirabaud, as well as an Alpina watch donated by Skippers magazine.

“It’s the only video I gave a score of 10 on all three criteria”, said photographer Martina Orsini, a member of the jury.

“It isn’t about a single race, but a collection of ocean experiences. The editing, the choice of images and the music are absolutely perfect. Of all the videos received, Martin’s is the only one that managed to value the images so well. He is excellent and fully deserves this victory!”

Second place in the Mirabaud Sailing Video of the Century 2020, Bertrand Duquenne (Bertrand Duquenne Photography) was rewarded for his 39H video about Miranda Merron fulfilling her dream to take part in the Vendée Globe.

Sarah Broadbent (Orillo) is third with Harness the Hurricane, which highlighted the Dean Barker and Softbank Team Japan’s preparation for the America’s Cup 2017 in Bermuda.

Meanwhile, the Public Award, which is determined by the number of votes on the internet, went to Artur Sikorski ( for his video Time Always Wins, describing the importance of time management during a regatta.

The 2020 Special Award goes to the production company Nefertiti and its director Hervé Borde, for the astonishing aerial footage of Alex Thomson and Armel Le Cleac’h during the Vendée Globe 2016-17 in the Southern Ocean.

This now iconic video shows these boats and sailors as no one has ever seen them before. Filmed with the help of the French army, this video has been viewed by 1.9 million visitors on the MSVA website and has contributed to the legend of the Vendée Globe.

“It’s a nice little story,” remembers Hervé Borde, who, after having managed to convince Jean-Yves Le Drian, the French Minister of Defence, to send him to film the competitors from on board an army ship, embarked on a 50 day voyage.

“What a pleasure it has been for us, with Jacques Caraës, Race Director, to discover the images of Armel being chased by Alex and his British flag. He has a great sense of staging, this Englishman!”

The Mirabaud Sailing Video of the Century award ceremony took place online. You can watch it here.

All videos from 2020 and previous editions can be viewed on the event website.