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How does the America’s Cup work?

America's Cup

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The America’s Cup is 172 years old and is the world’s oldest international sporting trophy. For some of the world’s wealthiest individuals it has been and continues to be an obsession – and very yet few have ever managed to win the ornate trophy. Aside from the Americans, who held it for 132 years continuously to achieve the longest winning streak in sporting history, only three other countries have ever taken the Cup home.

Yachting’s most prestigious prize has caused heated battles afloat and ashore and historically to even consider a crack at the Cup you have to accept that the pitch will be sloped against you. But to those who are hooked that fact has made them even more determined to try.

So how does a team get to compete for the America’s Cup? What’s the pathway, how does it differ being a Challenger or the Defender?

In Episode 2 of PlanetSail’s America’s Cup series Matt Sheahan takes a close look at exactly how the competition works.