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Gill OS3 Coastal Trousers Review

Have you ever considered how the right gear can transform your experience on the water? For those who dedicate significant time to sailing or engaging in coastal watersports, selecting clothing capable of withstanding the ocean’s distinct challenges is essential.

Gill’s OS3 Coastal Trousers have emerged as a noteworthy option. Through firsthand testing across a variety of sea conditions, their effectiveness and appeal within water sports are clear for their ability to keep you dry and comfortable for hours.

Bottom Line

Gill’s OS3 series is a reliable choice for all but the demanding scenarios of technical gear. The thoughtful design and environmental consciousness behind these trousers shine through.

What I Like

  • Unrestricted movement thanks to an articulated fit.
  • Reinforced seats and knees, these trousers resist wear and tear admirably.
  • The thigh pocket is handy for storing small items.
  • Lined drainage is a premium feature for the price.

What I Don’t Like

  • Reports of sizing issues based on height.
  • You have to be particular about how you wash them.
  • The internal gusset design may not offer the best protection in extreme wet conditions.

My Review of Gill’s OS3 Coastal Sailing Trousers

Gill’s latest series of coastal sailing jackets and trousers are constructed with eco-friendly fabric, offering waterproof protection while ensuring breathability, effectively preventing the feeling that you are wearing a bin bag.

The addition of an XPEL finish enhances their stain resistance remarkably. During multiple excursions, whether faced with salt spray or unexpected rain showers, the bibs maintained their comfort. This is largely attributable to their articulated design, which supports unrestricted movement.

Crafted using Gill’s XPLORE Technology, the jacket boasts a two-layer waterproof fabric that combines a robust exterior with a breathable coating. This technology is mirrored in their trousers, designed for both durability and comfort.

The trousers feature a lining that extends throughout, simplifying the process of slipping them on or off. The generous zip opeing also helps in this regard.

At the ankles, a unique drainage mesh lining is used, mirroring the jacket’s functionality, to efficiently expel water as one is lifted from the water. Typically I’d expect this from top-of-the-range foul weather gear, but you get it in the OS3 series.

The outer shell is not only durable but also strategically reinforced at common contact points like the knees. This ensures the trousers withstand the rigors of active use, a testament to their design focused on longevity and performance.

Both the men’s and women’s versions are equipped with elastic stretch braces that cross over the shoulders, enhancing fit and comfort. Including an adjustable Velcro system for altering the trouser height adds a layer of customization for most body types.

The trousers also feature a YKK Aquaguard full-length front zipper (with no metal components). The internal waterproof gusset isn’t the best if I’m honest. Be warned of ingress!

Additional features, like the side cargo pocket and wide hem openings, underscore Gill’s thoughtfulness during design.

My rating: I give them 4.3 out of 5

Waterproofness 4.6/5
Breathability 4.1/5
Durability 4.4/5