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A time to change….

11th Hour Racing

Man has proven excellent at making technical advancements to ease our lives – but with less than excellent side-effects for other species. What do shrink-wrap, polystyrene and derelict fishing gear have in common? They are three of the most insidious types of environmental and marine plastic pollution, and create complex, intractable

Personal taste…

Y Yachts

When experienced sailors define their own perfect yacht they often find others have been thinking the same thing. If you have a lifetime of experience in the industry you’re better placed than most to pull it off. When Michael Schmidt wanted a large yacht to go off cruising with his wife,

PlanetSail: On Course – Episode 1


Welcome to the first episode of On Course – a new video series from Matt Sheahan at PlanetSail that aims to take a regular look at some of the notable things going on in the sailing world. Although the planet has gone into lockdown and regattas are being cancelled faster