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Tech Brief: Unparalleled style

Lyman- Morse

BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH LYMAN–MORSE For a wonderfully long-established name in the discerning Maine boat building community, Lyman-Morse collaborates successfully with some very modern

Tech Brief: When three hulls win

Neel Trimarans

BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH NEEL TRIMARANS Neel’s fast ocean going trimarans are becoming an increasingly familiar sight around the great cruising destinations and with

Tech Brief: Right on the money

Sea Ventures

BROUGHT TO YOU IN ASSOCIATION WITH SEA VENTURES When Daniel Andrieu and Guillaume Verdier designed a new shorthanded racer for Jeanneau even they couldn’t have dreamt

The best of both worlds?

Cobra International

COURTESY OF COBRA INTERNATIONAL  Fans of the Skeeta production foiling dinghy will know it as fast, light, and user friendly. Now Skeeta and their builders Cobra

Tech Brief: Beyond beauty…

Southern Wind

THIS TECH BRIEF IS BROUGHT TO YOU BY SOUTHERN WIND  Not just breathtakingly beautiful, Southern Wind Shipyard’s glorious latest 100-foot sloop Morgana is blooming fast too. Some