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Tarte Tropézienne (again)

At last we are getting back to near normal post-pandemic with most of the Maxi race fleet returning with full programmes – writes International Maxi

Creative intuition

The skills required of today’s finest sailmakers must now extend far beyond ‘just’ delivering the fastest and most durable product... While modern sailmaking is a product

Next gen regatta management

How the new device-oriented Phlotilla package does do it all Newport, Rhode Island is the home of Phlotilla, formed in 2019 by experienced sailors, technologists and

Putting performance first

Modern in-mast and in-boom furlings systems really can allow you to enjoy the right sail shapes... (but not all of them!) Mainfurl is the brainchild of

Rooted in experience

When a piece of clothing becomes as much a statement as a practical solution for outdoor life, as a company you’ve hit the bullseye. Footwear

Foiling into the future

The most recent America’s Cup cycle demonstrated the pros (and cons) of achieving high performance on a large monohull with designs and builds focused on

We can do better!

Diverse Performance Systems have built a reputation as world leaders in the design and manufacture of highperformance sailing systems, with their expertise encompassing marine electronics,


We’ve yet to meet the sailor who has raced the historic Bacardi Cup on the glorious waters of Florida’s Biscayne Bay who did not want