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There is another way

Dr Edit Olasz Harken, MD, PhD, a practicing dermatologist with a research background and expertise in the field of skin cancer prevention, talks to Jimmy

Armel should know


IN ASSOCIATION WITH MUSTO Brilliant solo skipper, Figaro Solitaire and Vendée Globe winner, and the skipper of the brand new 105ft flying Ultim Banque Populaire XI,

Not all sails are created equal

North Sails

IN ASSOCIATION WITH NORTH SAILS North 3Di is an indispensable building block of championship projects. In this article JB Braun and the North Sails senior designers

Irresistible wins

Pure Grenada

IN ASSOCIATION WITH PURE GRENADA Over the past 12 months Grenada has transformed from a ‘perhaps one day’ to a ‘must go’ destination in the Caribbean.

Nimble is good

A+T Instruments

IN ASSOCIATION WITH A+T INSTRUMENTS Many sectors in the marine industry fall prey to corporate consolidation, where ownership is more interested in volume sales than excellence

A no limits production


IN ASSOCIATION WITH X-YACHTS Imagine a yacht that’s thrillingly fast and fun to sail but isn’t shaped and built according to the constraints of a rulebook. A

Pent up demand

Oyster Yachts

IN COLLABORATION WITH OYSTER YACHTS For their first new mid-size model to be launched in close to 15 years Oyster Yachts went back to a previously