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Don’t jump to conclusions


Just because an extremely quick multihull sailor decides to spend some time checking out the cruising lifestyle does not mean for a moment that they

The perfect label

Performance Classic Yachts

In a still-growing field Mark Speirs’ team at Performance Classic Yachts are doing an exceptional job of delivering genuinely exciting sailing performance with the most

Nature’s genius

Wessex Resins

Timber is still perhaps the ultimate composite material... when used with the best of modern technology. Think of a colour that best represents advanced yacht construction

(Beautifully) simple


The man who built Alinghi’s America’s Cup winning rigs knows a thing or two about eliminating any scope for failure. This year Alphalock Systems launched its

Ultimate product


Reckmann have long been acknowledged as producers of the Porsche of sail furlers in terms of engineering and reliability. But maintaining this hard-won reputation means


Doyle Sails

Doyle Sails’s high speed journey to the top of the sailmaking industry continues unabated. No wonder one of the most successful yachtsmen of the modern

Overstepping the mark

International Maxi Association

An update from Andrew McIrvine MBBS FRCS, International Maxi Association secretary general... There is an old saying that what you think is the light at the

‘Unobtanium’ no more


Whisper it – one of the most perfect materials for demanding marine applications is no longer the exclusive preserve of elite racing programmes. Advances in composite

Adapt and thrive


An ironic spin-off from the Covid crisis is the inevitable big boost we are already beginning to see for shorthanded inshore and offshore racing. Of


Max Dolphin

Karma is the fruit of the latest cooperation between luxury and performance yacht builders Maxi Dolphin and Wicklow-based designer Mark Mills. This design for a light,