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All calm on the surface

Sevenstar Yacht Transport

Examining what happens behind the scenes at Sevenstar’s Racing Yachts’ logistics division reveals the huge amount of work, knowledge and experience needed to reliably and

The best just got better

A+T Instruments

A+T’s new processor offers a wealth of new user-programmable features. A+T Instruments specialise in very well-designed and engineered displays and processors for superyachts and race boats

A very new world

Shogun 43

Forget what you thought you knew about performance cruisers – this rather aggressive-looking beast is anything but average. In a world where nearly all new products

It worked before

MDL Marinas Ocean Globe Race

The further the Whitbread Race and its successors move away from its roots the more the event struggled. Something that has not escaped the attentions



Designed for fast-paced inshore regattas where the sailors’ agility is just as crucial a factor as their strength is and endurance, Musto’s lightweight LPX collection