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Grand Soleil: Covering all the bases

Grand Soleil

With a lot of comfort and a lot of major trophies already under their belts... now Grand Soleil are also offering a (luxury) home away from home. Grand Soleil Yachts is a brand best known for building elegant, high–performance cruiser-racers – it has launched more than 4,500 of those over the

Doyle Sails: Figuring out the Figaro…

Doyle Sails

The most recent fleets to embrace the latest technical advances from Doyle Sails are those rather choosy professional French offshore classes – including the brand new Figaro 3 fleet. With its innovative Cable-less technology Doyle Sails has been making significant inroads into grand prix ocean and offshore racing fleets. A wide

Carbo-Link: Elliptical profile carbon rigging


Reduce drag, eliminate flutter, strength in the right places, Carbo-Link have been taking advantage of the benefits of elliptical profiles in their carbon rigging for over 10 years. There’s been a notable increase in the number of racing yachts and superyachts upgrading their rigging to Carbo-Link’s elliptical profiled solid carbon cables.

Cape Horn Engineering: Paging Doctor Speed

Cape Horn Engineering

CFD (computational fluid dynamics) has come a very long way since those days of pretty pictures used to illuminate design articles. Everyone uses computational fluid dynamics (CFD) in yacht design these days but you get what you pay for. Working with the best CFD experts in the industry can deliver a