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America’s Cup “our obsession” says Luna Rossa skipper

Some powerful and intensely evocative words from the Italian skipper of the Luna Rossa Challenge Max Sirena as he makes it clear the Prada-backed Challenger of record is not there just to make up the numbers in the 36th America’s Cup cycle.

I just want to make sure this is clear for everyone
Especially the new guys
We are not in this cup to make an attempt
This cup is not a rehearsal for future races
This cup is not 3 years from now
This cup will be won in the now
We will push our limits
And we are going to win this cup every day
This cup will be our obsession
Our dream
Our blessing
Our curse
This cup will be our everything
Every day, every night, every hour, every second
This cup will be our family for the next 3 years
We are Luna Rossa
And we are
Challengers, for now

Well said Max! Its great to see some passion and emotion emanating from the America’s Cup syndicates – more of this please!

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