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Neo 570: As fast as it is stylish…

The design studio behind the unbearably foxy Fast40 Rán 7 has teamed up with an Italian shipyard which is already legendary when it comes to good looks. Is there a production monohull under 60ft LOA with a full cruising interior and all mod-cons that can match the pace and performance of

Shirley Robertson Sailing Podcast: Kyle Langford

Kyle Langford

Double Olympic gold medalist Shirley Robertson catches up with Australian sailing star Kyle Langford for an hour of revealing chat that covers much of his of his stellar career. Langford rocketed into the spot light when just three days before the 2013 America's Cup he was announced as the Defender's Wing

Kinetic Catamarans: High-performance round-the-world voyaging

If you’re looking for a high-performance catamaran with round-the- world voyaging capability and line honours race-winning potential, there’s a new player in the market that’s worthy of very serious consideration. Kinetic Catamarans, a US-based company with a shipyard in Knysna, South Africa, is building a brand new range of semi-custom,

Excess Catamarans: Rethinking performance cruising

If you’re the sort of sailor who has tried a cruising catamaran and loved the living space but found the actual sailing experience rather joyless and unrewarding – no feel in the helm, a lack of lines to tweak, no real sense of speed or acceleration – then it’s time

QI Composites: Better now than later

Customers of QI Composites have fared better than most when it comes to avoiding unwanted surprises. As the quest for more and more extreme performance in sailboat racing continues, designers and builders face ever increasing challenges. While advanced composite construction is taken to the limits, the need for in-depth, expert quality